Product Guarantee & Warranty Statement

Products sold under the store name of Abuden Kitchen c/o Anaki Sdn Bhd, are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and reliability with ease of use and installation in mind. We strongly recommend user to read the operation manual or any form of written instruments prior to installing and using the product.

This is to prevent any mishandling that can be potentially be caused by user negligence, which can render the warranty void. Should you still encounter any difficulties, please chat with our Technical Support Team during our business hours from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Abuden Kitchen implement a 3/7 Return & Replace Guarantee whereby buyers are entitled to get an instant replacement to a new unit should the product arrives broken or with manufacturing defect.

Claims under such circumstances shall be made in writing to Abuden Kitchen within 3 to 7 days upon item received (specific duration depends on respective product), requiring buyer to show the proof of purchase. Any defects or damages caused by user-mishandling will not fall under this Guarantee.

On top of the 3/7 Return & Replace Guarantee which is applicable on all products, selected product, particularly electronic and electrical products also comes with Product Warranty.

Should a user uses the product in the way it's intended, yet it breaks down within the stipulated Product Warranty period, Abuden Kitchen shall undertake the responsibility with utmost diligence to repair the unit according to the terms & condition stated herein.

This Product Warranty period shall begins from the product received date and expires upon completion of the stated warranty period. All accessories including any wear and tear parts shall not be covered under Product Warranty. 


The guarantee and warranty shall not be valid when it falls under, but not limited to the following circumstances.

  • The purchase documents have been altered in any way or made illegible.
  • The model and/or serial number on the product has been altered, removed, or made illegible.
  • The proof of purchase documents are not provided when servicing is required.
  • Repairs or product modifications and alterations have been carried out by unauthorized service organizations or personnel.
  • The defect is caused by environmental conditions that are not in conformance with the recommended operations of the product.
  • Damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, alteration, tampering or failure of the user to follow normal operating procedures outlined in the user manual.
  • Defects or damage caused from inappropriate usage of electrical supply and voltage, or any related situation that's not controllable by Abuden Kitchen
  • Damage, losses, defects, or malfunction as a result of fire, flood or other uncontrollable acts of nature.
  • Normal wear & tear, corrosion, rusting or stains.
  • Scratches, damages or dent to the surface areas and externally exposed parts that are caused by user usage, including wear and tear.
  • The product is being used for purposes, other than the intended usage.
  • General maintenance, routine servicing, and onsite tuning or adjustments. 


This Product Warranty is applicable on purchases made originally for personal usage and not for resale, either from Abuden Kitchen retail store or any authorized Abuden Kitchen dealer(s) in Malaysia.

It does not cover parts (i.e. accessories) that are subject to wear and tear, natural disaster, rust, stains, corrosion and other peripherals or equipment used in connection with the product. Usage of non-original parts shall render the warranty void.

  • Your unit and components contained herein are fully warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults within each product warranty duration stated in the official product page, covering labour and specific parts, excluding accessories and/or wear & tear parts. This product warranty is applicable on carry-in service only.
  • This Product Warranty is valid only in respect of Abuden Kitchen products purchase locally (in Malaysia) and through our authorised dealer, with proof of purchase.
  • To obtain warranty protection, notice of the alleged defects must be given promptly upon discovery by serving proof of purchase to our authorized service centre.
  • Our decision on all questions relating to complaints as a result of defects, either workmanship or materials, shall be conclusive and you shall agree to abide by such a decision. Any unit or defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.
  • The terms and conditions of this Product Warranty shall be contained exclusively in this document. No other presentation of provision, either written or otherwise, regardless of the origin of the same, shall be accepted as either adding or subtracting from these terms and conditions.
  • By submitting your unit for repair, you are deemed to have waived any claims of compensation, monetary or otherwise, which you may be entitled to and are deemed to agree to accept any compensation whatsoever, by which in our absolute discretion we may deem fit to offer. The giving of compensation under this paragraph shall be subject to the provisions in this warranty.
  • In addition to the above, our service personnel reserve all rights to refuse to attend to any equipment installed in inaccessible locations or installed in at places where air is exposed to chemical fumes or workman problems are found on external field piping and insulation material.
  • Anaki Sdn Bhd and/or Abuden Kitchen reserves the right to charge a service fee for Out-of-Warranty repair/service of any nature and shall not be deemed liable if the conditions are not met.
  • This warranty shall exclude requests pertaining to all refund, replacement, or exchange, not stipulated herein.
  • Products that are found to be corroded shall immediately render the warranty as void.
  • In no event shall Anaki Sdn Bhd, Abuden Kitchen or any of its subsidiaries shall be made liable for the consequential loss or damages, including loss of use or loss of profits resulting from this product.